FPTM Fire Photography (T. Hawk McKinnon)

Photographer since 1983 and graduate from New York Institute of Photography (NYIP). Member and the West Coast Coordinator of the International Fire Photographers Association (IFPA); member of Nevada State Firefighters' Association (NSFA).

I have done almost every kind of photography and if you're in the Southern Nevada area and want photography done contact me at my email: .

I have done work for various fire departments and law enforcement agencies in Southern California.  I have been a contributing photographer for Fire Photographers Magazine, some of my work have appeared in the California State Firemen's Association magazine (mid 1980's), CAHP Routine Stop magazine (mid 1980's), CBS 8 News Now, and various other medias.

All images on this site are the sole property of the photographer and may not be used or reproduced in any form whether print or electronic without expressed written permission. Contact me at with any questions or suggestions.

We speak Spanish also. (Hablamos Espanol.)

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